DC Inveter Compressor Condensing Unit

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 Especial advantage: 1) Cooling quickly,small temperature fluctuation range 2) Saving power 20%-40% more than normal condensing unit 3) Extend the service life of the compressor due to not starting frequently 4) Quite silent,the noise is low to 30 dB because of the system is working at stable low frequency when it works at normal station. 5) Dual rotary compressor ensures low vibration of the condensing unit DC inverter compressor condensing unit  The use of inverter compressors has greatly improve the efficiency of condensing unit, such as high reliability , low noise and energy saving, and will be widely use for cold room and showcase etc. Product description The use of inverter compressors combined together with refrigeration systems is nowadays subject of several studies conducted both from research institutes and refrigeration systems manufacturers worldwide leader in this field. When inverter compressor starts,the compressor is running at high frequency and cooling quickly;when room temperature reachs the setting temperature,the compressor runs at low frequency low speed and low energy,only needed power to maintain the setting temperature,low temperature fluctuation to avoid compressor frequently start to effect compressor life Main features 1) Reduce cooling speed faster,small temperature fluctuation range: 2) Efficient energy saving, reduce the system energy; 3) Increase in compressors reliability thanks to the significant decrease of compressors startups; 4) Low noise thanks to the extremely high system flexibility; 5) Extremely low vibration phenomena.

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